Jesters, Dreamers & Thieves reunites a court of musicians that lead you through a musical journey of blues, rock and soul.  The name could not better describe this chorale of sound:  As these Jesters prove to be prophets of music in this life for the dreamers, join them in stealing the night away.  Created in 2020 this group features 2 phenomenal guitarists each with their own flare and lore reunited with a frontman who’s voice talks to the heavens.  Joining them is a thunderous combination of thieves that steal the groove.  Ladies and Gentleman, I give you: Jesters, Dreamers, and Thieves!
While admiring JDT’s stash you will enjoy snippets of sounds from Jason Mraz, Edwin McCain, Lenny Kravitz, Chris Isaak, Alice in Chains and many more.  You may also hear some of the original pieces of art this gang has composed.