Join us for an evening with the Craig Walter Band and special guests, The Ragged Band of Angels!


The Craig Walter Band is comprised of veteran musicians from the Pikes Peak Region.

The members of the band are:

Dwight Bement - Saxophone, Randy Block - Bass guitar, Randy Bowen - Drums, Paul Haller - Keyboards, Dave Hemersbach - Lead guitar, Susan Rissman - Lead and background vocals, KJ Braithwaite - Vocals and guitar, and Craig Walter - Vocals and acoustic guitar.


Craig Walter has performed throughout the United States and is a familiar presence in Colorado Springs venues  He is a singer, song writer and performer who has several records and CDs to his credit.   'First Stop', 'Still Learnin' How To Fly' and the 2017 release 'Driftwood Fires  are collections of Craig's original songs.


Dwight Bement has performed with a number of bands with national recognition including Frank Zappa, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap and Flash Cadillac.  Dwight is active in the local music scene and served as co-producer of the original CD 'Still Learnin' How To Fly'.   


Randy Block is the main force behind Green Mountain Studio and is also a longtime veteran of the Colorado Springs music scene.  Craig and Randy have been involved in performing and recording  for many years and have recently released several CDs of original compositions. 


Randy Bowen is a top notch percussionist and has performed with a broad variety of local bands and in a wide range of musical venues.  His unique and inventive style is a major force in the studio as well as the live performances.  Randy was one of the first musicians Craig met when he first came to Colorado. 


Paul Haller and Craig have a long time relationship in a variety of musical ensembles including the band Tight Squeeze.  Paul has actively participated in all of Craig’s recordings at Green Mountain Studio and has provided a wide variety of piano and synthesizer backing for recordings and live performances.  His tasteful playing keeps him in high demand on the local music scene.


Dave Hemersbach is a talented guitar player with a very unique style.  His melodic and tasteful playing has contributed a great deal to the original compositions performed by the band.  In the past he has performed with the Wallace Cotton Band and Tiny Barge and the Big Chill.


Susan Rissman is a veteran singer and has performed throughout the Colorado Springs vicinity.  She is known for her appearances with a number of local bands including 'One Fine Day' and 'Tiny Barge & the Big Chill'.  She was on the stage at Studio Bee in 2015 and 2017 with The Craig Walter Band and has recorded in Green Mountain Studio on the original CDs.


K.J. Braithwaite is an accomplished musician who has performed throughout Colorado since the mid Seventies.  He has played with numerous bands and artists in the Colorado Springs music scene and is a longtime member of the BUS trio.  HIs original songs have been recorded by other performers and he has also been a key part of the Stargazer's tribute performances.


The Ragged Band Of Angels:

Lee Norgaard started working as a professional musician in 1964 before moving to Colorado Springs where he worked as a solo performer in the early 1970’s.  He was a founding member of Fall River Road in 1975.  This well-known and very popular bluegrass and country band performed throughout the Midwest for the rest of the decade.  Lee sings and plays the 5-string banjo, guitar, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, harmonica and fiddle.  He has also worked with several popular local bands including Cindy Wheeler and Silver Eagle, Rounder, Buffalo Dreams and Old Friends And Memories. 


Lee is an active studio musician and has recently reconnected with Cindy Greene and Steve Foster to form The Ragged Band of Angels.  This talented band provides a new avenue for these long time friends and is a new opportunity to share their friendship and love of music with newly found audiences.     


Cindy Wheeler Greene was a founding member of the iconic Colorado Springs band Fall River Road in the 1970s.  In the early 80s she left her home in Colorado for Muscle Shoals Alabama where she learned her way around the studio singing, publishing demos, doing background vocals and learning the craft of songwriting from the great writers of that town.


She spent time singing backup for country legend TammyWynette and ended up in Nashville where she worked for a number of publishing companies and had songs recorded by a variety of artists including Lari White.  Her song “Now I Know” was a hit single and was played on the radio more than a million times. Cindy was a winner of the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk songwriting competition in 1998. 


Stephen Foster grew up in a home filled with music and musicians. He first picked up a guitar at  age 11 and began to play the electric and upright bass at 16. He has worked in music ever since performing with such local bands as Mountain Flyer, Silver Eagle Band, Tron, The Phantom River Band and the Pikes Peak Opry.  Stephen is now living in Colorado Springs and working with Cindy Greene and Lee Norgaard in “Ragged Band of Angels”.