The Manitou Music Foundation presents one of the most exciting new super-groups to hit the Colorado jam band scene in years, Steely Dead!
Steely Dead combines the music of Steely Dan and The Grateful Dead and features former members of: The Jerry Garcia Band, Leftover Salmon, and members of DeadPhish Orchestra! Opening the show are several local Manitou musicians including: Grant Sabin, Michael Galvin, Roma Ransom, and Jason Miller with Derek Gray.


Sonic worlds collide, between the structure, arrangement and precision studio recordings of rock legends Steely Dan, cross-pollinated with the Grateful Dead’s free-flowing, melodic improvisation and masterful song segues. Steely Dead merges these major concepts together while infusing the influence unto each band. For example, taking the Grateful Dead’s rocking set ender Deal and Steely Dan’s Reelin’ In the Years creating the mashup Dealin’ in the Years. Steely Dead is committed to the nuance of both bands while remaining playful with jam segues between songs, and delivering a unique musical blend. For fans of both or either one of these great bands.


Early in 2018 a small group of rebel change agents, lead by local music aficionado Steven Miller, officially formed the Manitou Music Foundation. Its mission was clear: To support, foster and help cultivate a flourishing music presence in the their town of Manitou Springs CO. Through community engagement, local artist promotion and the creation of multiple festivals and showcases, our ambitious goal is to someday put Manitou Springs on the map as a major music destination!

Just in the past year they have brought a new fall festival event to the city, strengthened their connections with the local artists, venues and municipalities, officially obtained 501(c) Non-Profit Status allowing all donations to the cause to be completely tax deductible and, as of right now, they have just launched their brand new website!

If you want to get more information on what we are up to, as well as, local show listing and other fun stuff, then sign up for their official mailing list on their website!

Manitou Music Foundation