Cocktail Hour from 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM

Dinner 6:45 PM

Show 7:30 PM


Murder Speaks Easy recreates a 1920s speakeasy filled with mobsters, politicians, flappers, and bootleggers. Dress up for this one--everything goes! 


We will be serving a popular dinner served in 1920s: Delicious baked ham or baked chicken,  mashed potatoes, assorted fruit and vegetable salads, as well as a hot vegetable dish, with lemon cake and brownies for dessert.


It's 1926 at the grand opening of the Black Orchid speakeasy, soon to be the finest joint in all of Chicago! Southside kingpin Quentin Sinclair spared no expense after the old joint "boined" down under mysterious circumstances, and he's inviting business rivals, corrupt politicians, dancers, and more to help him celebrate! Will everything go as planned, or will someone end up swimming with the fishes?