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Pikes Peak Urban Gardens Presents: The Southern Colorado Debut Screening of “Seed: The Untold Story.”


The multiple award-winning documentary SEED: The Untold Story will make its Southern Colorado debut on Sunday August 6, 2017 at Stargazers Theatre in Colorado Springs as part of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens’ fundraising efforts to create a new community garden in the downtown Colorado Springs area.


SEED is a feature-length documentary featuring Vandana Shiva, Dr. Jane Goodall, Andrew Kimbell, and Winona LaDuke. SEED reveals the harrowing and heartening story of passionate seed keepers as they wage a David and Goliath battle against chemical seed companies. As many irreplaceable seeds near extinction, they are defending a 12,000 year food legacy. SEED began with an article in National Geographic that reported that up to 96% of the vegetable seeds available in 1903 have disappeared. The speed and scope of this loss is staggering, and its implications for our future are stark. In an era of climate uncertainty, this dearth of diversity is a recipe for catastrophic crop failure and human suffering.


Pikes Peak Urban Gardens was formed in 2007 in response to the need for more community gardens in the Pikes Peak region. Larry Stebbins, retired educator, botanist, and life-long organic gardener, is the founder of PPUG.


Pikes Peak Urban Gardens exists to cultivate, educate and serve the community through urban garden projects in the Pikes Peak region. PPUG has assisted several neighborhoods in starting community gardens on church, school and private property. PPUG currently manages six community gardens across the city, and offers numerous educational gardening classes for everyone from preschoolers to well-seasoned gardeners. Over 7,000 individuals attend one or more gardening classes offered by Pikes Peak Urban Gardens each year.


This year, Pikes Peak Urban Gardens is offering gardeners of all skill levels the opportunity to join Thyme Shares, an educational and hands-on gardening experience at the historic Harlan Wolfe Ranch. As of January 1, 2017 Pikes Peak Urban Gardens is an independent non-profit, working to create more places where people meet to grow.


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This event is proudly sponsored by: KRCC Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and Botanical Interests